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No matter the project and its size - Ambix is full-service engeneering. From material selection, mold design, prototyping and sampling to process design and full contract manufacturing - we are on your team.

Product Design & Development

At Ambix you just don’t receive a design quote or an automated response. As part of our distinction in service, you receive valuable expertise and support.

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Injection Mold Fabrication

Ambix engineers and fabricates your mold to the highest standards ensuring that you are able to deliver the highest quality part.

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Contract Manufacturing

Elevate your success with the Ambix team.

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Leaders in plastics design and manufacturing.

Plastic experts that work for you. Our team supports you in being you – but better. Lower costs. Heigher yield. Sustainable and environmentally conscious.

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    Anything is possible with Ambix mold design experts on your team. We design tooling for your budget that meets product lifetime expectancy, cost parameters, reduces parts to minimize maintenance issues and provides a high-quality product.

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    Answers to your design and manufacturing questions.

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    Achieving lower production costs with higher yields while being a sustainable steward to the environment. Ambix’s materials and design expertise minimizes resin utilized, allows for sustainable materials and designs for end of life recycling.

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At Ambix you are more than a number. Gain our plastic expertise
to launch a new product or optimize an existing product. Enjoy
unequivocal access to an expert who responds and who cares.
Position yourself for success with Ambix on your team.


High quality and efficiency. It isn’t either or with Ambix on your team.

Contract Manufacturing

Challenge: Supply-chain risk and ongoing quality issues.
Ambix on-shored the product line with lower costs and higher yields through process optimization and failure analysis.
“With Ambix we were able to bring all of our molds back to be run domestically at their NH plant. Not only have we minimized our supply chain risks, but we have realized lower costs as a result.”

Mold Design & Prototyping

Challenge: New product line launch with budget constraints.
Ambix met the budget constraints and exceeded expectations through redesign and our out-of-the-box approach to mold builds.
“We had a new product line to launch. Ambix joined our team of engineers to optimize the design, select the appropriate material, and most important reduced our mold build costs through interchangeable components. Ambix also discovered design issues before production which would have resulted in launch delays and unnecessary costs.”

Complete Engineering Support

Challenge: Increased demand with supply chain constraints.
Ambix implemented automation to the line, secured raw materials through its strong vendor network and lowered costs with a newly designed mold.
“Ambix worked with us to bring the production on-site to their NH facility. Through their strong vendor connections they were able to acquire raw materials at a time when lead times were a year or more. We never would have been able to meet the increase in demand without Ambix.”

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