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In the dynamic realm of manufacturing and distribution, Ambix presents a game-changing solution for small parts packaging and kitting. Our innovative approach integrates fully automated parts sorting and packaging capabilities with the expertise of a seasoned integrated parts flow management team, providing you with unparalleled efficiency and cost- effectiveness.

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Diverse Solutions

Whether for kitting functions or individual items, our small parts packaging solutions are tailored to diverse needs. Leveraging our cutting-edge auto- bagging systems, allows for small quantities and limited job runs at highly competitive prices. Ambix’s packaging system is adaptable to various bag sizes and types, including poly and woven materials opening a world of possibilities for our customers.

At the heart of Ambix’s small parts packaging system lies a sophisticated setup, including a bag sealing head, load cell, scale controller, and a versatile feeding device. This ensures efficient and precise packaging for a wide array of small parts.

Bagged Parts

Versatile Packaging Bags

Our cost-effective bagging process caters to items not requiring extensive protection, adapting seamlessly to both short and long runs. Customize packaging bags with product identification and one-color graphics, or opt for preprinted bags with up to six colors. With automatic bagging machines.

End-to-End Services

Ambix transcends traditional packaging services, offering end-to-end solutions. From purchasing and owning materials to managing parts and inventory, we even handle selling finished packaged goods to the distribution chain for OEMs. Say goodbye to managing countless component part numbers; focus on streamlined pre-packaged kits, reducing overhead, labor, accounting, and stocking costs.

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Revolutionize your small parts packaging and kitting processes by partnering with Ambix. Contact us today to explore our wide-ranging packaging solutions, including bag packaging. With 16 years of experience and an unwavering commitment to innovation, Ambix is your go-to partner for efficient, cost-effective, and streamlined packaging solutions.

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